Sorry To Be Annoying…

Texting a friend…

“Sorry to be annoying, but can you tell me what food you’re having at the birthday party? So I know what to bring for my kiddos.”

Asking a waiter…

“Sorry to be annoying, but can you please go check to see if the chicken strips and french fries have soy or dairy in them?”

Making plans with friends…

“Sorry to be annoying, but can we go to this restaurant instead? My kids can’t eat there.”

Emailing the PTO president…

“Sorry to be annoying, but can I stop in and check the popcorn ingredients? I don’t know if my son can participate in Popcorn Fridays.”

I find myself using this phrase ALL the time. But here’s the thing. I’m not really sorry. Or as the cool kids say… #sorrynotsorry.

Because you see, I would do ANYTHING for my children. I would do anything to protect them physically and emotionally. So before you roll your eyes or get annoyed with me, or tell me I am exaggerating and being a crazy over-protective mother, put yourself in my shoes. Imagine you had children with food allergies who absolutely could not eat specific foods, for in doing so would make them VERY sick. Would you not text your friend to make sure they had something to eat at the birthday party? Would you not ask the waiter to check the ingredients so your children weren’t stuck eating a bowl of applesauce for dinner? Would you not research and recommend places to eat with your friends before making plans? Would you not contact your school to make sure your child wasn’t left out of a fun activity?

Sure you would, as I’m sure you would do anything to protect your own children physically and emotionally.

I have a young relative who was recently diagnosed with Celiac and whenever we are planning to see her, I always make sure that I have gluten-free foods on hand so she is not left out. Recently her father said to me, “Please don’t take offense, but we will probably just bring our own food for her. Sorry.”

NEVER be sorry. Food allergies and intolerances are a PITA (pain in the you know what) and they are out of our control. So as parents we do what we need to do, whatever we feel is best for our children. We do things the allergy way. Because we love our kids more than anything in the universe, food allergies and all.

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